Friday, April 12, 2013

crashing spirits

i am shaping beautiful hope
clearly closed and sometimes crazy.

but will you teach me respect for self
in the quake of others who are happy?

source: facebook status updates on April 12th, 2013
This WAS shaping up to be a beautiful weekend. Fuck! (doug frenza)
I'm happy. eh...what can I say. (Jason deehr)
Hannibal is an excellent show. I endorse it and hope others shall join me in watching it so that it shan't be cancelled. (john Michael bell)
hey tp people - is the snoqualmie falls hiking trail going to be closed this summer, or open finally? (karl lehtonen)
Note to self: stop arguing on twitter with people who are clearly unmedicated schizophrenics. (dave evans)
quantum quake (kevin drucas)
I got my aunt's number this week in Lebanon, but I don't have most on my numbers on it (ashraf Osman)
The respect with which we treat ourselves serves as the baseline for that which others give to us. (iliya yanamecho)
quite a nice start to the day
Lily slept till 7:00, got dressed and then we hurried to the bus (cos it was raining) but arrived 30 min too early at the bus stop by the nursery.. so decided to teach Lily how to jump in puddles.! (nadia hentze Knudsen)

I Love my life, its pretty cool :) Love you Moe, you drive me crazy sometimes, but your pretty cool too (donna simmons)
Thanks everyone, he's in good spirits as he goes to bed for the night, I'm sure he'll be fine. I'm gonna go to work tomorrow and pray I don't get a call on my cell 2 hours after I get there - fingers crossed - get better pop. (james beaton)
Anyone seeing the promotions for Hemlock Grove? Another stab at Twin Peaks genre? (angela Nolan)
When the Englishman who is crashing on your couch for two weeks cooks for the entire house and it's the best sauce you may have ever had ever #justthebritishthings #hashtagsmeannothingonfacebook (tina bowen)

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