Sunday, April 07, 2013

street drink

there goes the cowards.
they walk. kick. throw
 visual hate.

send your echo of wonder
with wisdom wearing a sign.

they discovered the joy of powerless cinnamon.

joys coated the season
with my favorite play ground.

deal over the day with noise.

source: facebook status updates on april 7th 2013
visual echo (kevin drucas)
yay -less than a few hours before I drink in all the wisdom of my favorite tv character... Sally Draper. (eben moore)
Discovered the joys of spit-roast pineapple coated in cinnamon at Bem Brasil! (Kerry Acheson Parker)
I'm way too excited for the season premiere of Mad Men tonight. (elise gilbert)
My throat really hurts. God damn I hate throat hurts. (Jason Deehr)
Yesterday I was going into work got off at Park street and there was a guy who was wearing a sign that said "Drones are for cowards" REALLY? WTF? You want more soilders going over there to DIE because you HATE DRONES? what is your deal A**HOLE! Since you dont like Drones how about we send your stupid A** over there to get shot you stupid F*** (peter Koch)
Starting my Sunday off with a dead car. Awesome. (nicki burns)
must collect the kids now for the day! I wonder what they have planned. Maybe we can play Star Wars. Which is simply-they are Jedi Knights, I am a powerless villain, they kick the crap out of me and throw me to the ground which is the Sarlacc Pit-and yes, I always make the Lando noise!! (jeff la carrubba)
Well there goes my Sunday... (maite Corley)
Ahhhh...A Morning walk with my favorite husband (susan forester loughlin)




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Matt D said...

"they discovered the joy of powerless cinnamon."

This images will sit with me for a while ...

Very neat wordplay.