Friday, April 12, 2013

ten things i know to be true...

about jack.

1. jack likes to sleep in a USPS priority mail box.  it fits him perfectly.
2. jack prefers to be spoon fed his medicated wet cat food instead of eating if from the bowl.
3. jack purrs when you say his name.  if he was already purring before you said his name, he will purr louder.
4. jack does not like when his kitty-brother rowdy tries to clean him.
5. jack makes everything look comfortable, even the most ridiculous poses.
6. jack puts up with being picked up and kissed.
7. jack likes to sit on my lap.  and he likes to be picked up onto the sofa instead of jumping up himself.
8. jack stops to smell the flowers.  he really does.
9. jack's little feet twitch if his nose gets cold or wet.
10. jack snores the cutest snores.

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