Wednesday, June 19, 2013

summer pie

the first step to making a perfect summer pie is picking the fruit.  you can buy the sugar if you're in the north.  but you must visit a farm for your best ingredients. eggs. milk.

the pastry takes time. the pastry is likely to fail you at first. the pastry takes practice, but you have it in you.  fold the butter.  flour the pin. roll. cut.

"no soggy bottoms," from mary berry, with love.

apply love and attention to detail, but don't use a ruler. you don't want it looking so good, no one wants to cut the first peice.

(drabble 28 out of 31)


Nicole said...

I love this!! And I love the GBBO shout-out!!

Gregg Strock said...


Anonymous said...

Soggy bottoms are always my issue when I cook pies. I love making them with delicious crust
But unfortunately the crust creates a little greenhouse effect inside of the pie and it usually ends up with a soggy bottom. It seems to me that you can’t have both. Hopefully, your recipe will be my first time making a pie with crust and no soggy bottom, so wish me luck. And thank you so much for this marvelous post!

Loxly said...

Ha, just made a crisscross crust last week. Inspired a poem about my grandmother which I have yet to post.