Wednesday, October 17, 2007

two little poems and new glasses

i wrote these two little ditties in my spare minutes today...

a poem on 10/17/07

i demonstrate power
i never deny truth

my strength is honesty

i am beautiful
and my words carry me.

to tell the story
that begs to be told.

and, i'll try not to swear
too much.

(as if i were...)

another poem on 10/17/07

as i write
my penmanship
becomes less like
my sister's
and more like my


looksee. katy got new specs.

i know, i know. i'm a complete goofball. but if you think 5 pictures of me in the mirror is bad, you should see the 27 other ones on my facebook !!!

1 comment:

arch.memory said...

LOL! I did checkout the pics on Facebook; you ARE such a goofball! But I like them; very nice!