Wednesday, October 24, 2007

on Bathos

hello ether. internet, how are you?

i just wanted to keep you both updated to the fact that i'm actually writing poetry right now. i'm just not posting it because it's a project that i hope to submit as a chap book to a few small presses. that is, if i write enough material and in a short enough time. wrote a bit today, maybe will write a bit more before bedtime.

it's called Bathos or possibly The Bathos of Nomos IF i can find proof that nomos is a real word (the only place i've seen it so far is wikipedia and we all know how reliable that source is...).

so, once submitted i might post a few bits. until then... i may be sticking to providing you with pretty songs via youtube inserts. ^_^ enjoy!


ozymandiaz said...

If it is not found is that reason enough not to use it?
Bon chance on the chapbook.

katy said...

i'm just not using it in the title. nomos does appear in the document though ^_^