Monday, October 15, 2007

rock & shock weekend

had a pretty good time at r&s this weekend. a few little bumps, but i got to meet greg nicotero!!!! who is really nice and friendly and all the things you want a celeb to be.

also met the avellan twins who were in both grindhouse films. they were uber sweet, gave ryan and i a few free signed photos.

most notably, though, was hanging out with angela bettis and jimmy (see picture below) at the after-show parties.

and guess what!!! jimmy knows the doctor!!!

lots of thanks to for getting me into the show, and paul nomad for the free stuffs.

and also, a shout out to my peeps at they actually have a 'The Stuff' tee and they gave me some free buttons ^_^ you guys are awesome!

p.s. this is post number 666

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