Wednesday, October 03, 2007

anyone have $54 to spare?

LOOK!!! it's Simmy the Scott duffel and i am wanting...

he's big, i wouldn't take him everywhere, but he would be the ULTIMATE in over-night bag awesomeness! and i wouldn't call him Simmy, i'd call him B-9 (like the vitamin, but also like K-9 the awesomest robot dog ever).


i can has one of these too? (for an additional $52).

is cute, no?


arch.memory said...

You should start a wishlist, dear, for your upcoming birthday!

katy said...

can everything on my wishlist be $54 or $52? ^_^

ryan says there are other things to need to want, like a winter coat ('cause both the ones i have are dead/dying) or luggage for when we fly to england land. although my b-9 bag would be used to go to england

woof! puppy bag happy.

as for my birthday... i'm already getting a new fish filter and a pet frog!!!! a real live froggy!

maybe my mommy and daddy will get me the puppy dog bag for a combined birthday and crimbo prezzy ^_^