Wednesday, October 31, 2007

thank goodness, the turkeys are back

need to write.

last autumn was inspiring because of a certain band of turkeys. when there's more than two turkeys, what are they called? a pride? a band? a flock? a gaggle? anyway, last year this time was a poetic time for me because every day on my way to school in the morning i would see the turkeys on the side of the road chewin' up cigarette butts or grass or whatever it is those gorgeous ugly birds eat.

unfortunately, they haven't been around this year. now maybe i'm just remembering wrong, maybe they didn't come out until late October/early November, but i've been missing the scraggly bunch this year.

i've been looking out for them, but they're no where to be found.

skip from last year this time to the present. not that i've had a bad day all around, but it's been a ... trying day.

i had a decent tutoring session or two, ate nothing but candy (it is a holiday after all) and paid off some dept to the man. but i've been really stressing about my thesis and after spending about 3 hours talking to various people at length about my ideas and my work and future, i was feeling pretty low. i called ryan and rambled on for near enough an eternity about this and that and them and all to the point where he actually had to cut me off and remind me he was in the middle of some work.

so i'm driving home. not really upset, but not very bright either. no turkeys. i'm thinking, it would be great to see some birds about now. (i'm not even joking, that was the exact thought that ran through my head.) no turkeys.

i pull off the mid cape highway onto 130 on my way home and wouldn't you know... six.. yep SIX turkeys hanging out on the side of rt 130 in sandwich ^_^ and they looked pretty damn ugly too!

have had more than just candy to eat now, have hot tea in front of me, got some thesis work done and all thanks to the turkeys, i'm feeling pretty good about today.

now, time to party!! like a turkey!!

Happy Halloween!

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