Wednesday, October 10, 2007


the way you see me. the way you feature me, a sign. the weight of your affections. the rhythm of heart beats against idiosyncratic heart beats. the sigh. the way you leave me, before you. the way you float, the surroundings. the way i see you, a mirror. the want of more, of lust. the resound. the rumble in my belly after sex. the wait for me, patiently. the way you elbow me. you smile at me. the way you love me. the way you hate me. the way you are me. harbor me. the way you want me. the way you struggle. the struggle for me. the way you wonder. the way you linger. the way we dance. the way we walk, synchronized. the way you give to me. and take from me. the way you parallel me. the opposing force

to my negative charge.

1 comment:

Drook said...

this is awesome. keep writing. please. never quit.

what's the 'my negative charge' ? it seems like if you're down and you use love in this way, it brings you back up. but it is you reflecting the negative i suppose, from wherever, i just get the feeling that the from is more important here, and it might mean more if you put "our negative charge" because it puts the global 'our' there, includes it as maybe a villain, and it also puts the 'democracy of two' there recognizing the charge as a part of love and your lover.

but yeah feel free to ignore all that...katamari awaits ^_^