Thursday, November 17, 2005

tower and gentleman

here is a symbol in which
many wistful helpless wishes
howl past themselves.

this watch tower, well loved
by the righteous few, where the dedicated
let no brick crumble

pillar supported, and signatured
by wire frames: at its center
a beam of light has punctured.

i think her is your motto
to write in golden leaf;
not the stone, not the glue

but this; this light resonance; this deep patience;
this thick neglect joined with
a gracious ignorance.

life with calm death; the gentleman’s
strict hat and walk
divorced from the construction

and the candor of time,
which decay cannot withhold
nor preservation make holy.

Robinson Jeffers'
Rock and Hawk

Here is a symbol in which
Many high tragic thoughts
Watch their own eyes.

This grey rock, standing tall
On the headland, where the seawind
Lets no tree grow,

Earthquake-proved, and signatured
By ages of storms: on its peak
A falcon has perched.

I think, here is your emblem
To hang in the future sky;
Not the cross, not the hive,

But this; bright power, dark peace;
Fierce consciousness joined with final

Life with calm death; the falcon’s
Realist eyes and act
Married to the massive

Mysticism of stone,
Which failure cannot cast down
Nor success make proud.

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arch.memory said...

I really meant to post this comment last week, but then my boss dropped by, and she needed something in a hurry (always in a hurry)... Well, what I wanted to say was how impressed I am by your capability to write about seemingly anything, things that I wouldn't ever think to write of or even read of, and yet you do it, and beautifully! I seem to be stuck within this tight box of myself... I'm kinda envious!