Tuesday, November 15, 2005

poetry waves

for me--and hopefully i'm not the only one--poetry comes in waves. lately it would seem my robotic muses only make monthly visits. even then, it isn't until i call upon them by resigning myself to sit and write. perhaps they hear the arrangment of key and mouse clicks it takes to open word on my computer or they know the sound my note book binding makes as it's opening. they're not here now even though i'm calling them. hopefully they don't think i'm writing well without them. Hello, Muses! This isn't poetry, you can still come for a visit! The tea is on!

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Kilgannon said...

I think Zeus is having a party with them at the moment, my Muses aren't helping me out either.
I've forgotten how to doodle, i'm not doing too bad with the proper detailed stuff but nothing is coming out of my head subconciously(in the context of me just putting pen to paper and moving it along.)

Creative ruts are crap.