Tuesday, November 29, 2005

i don't know where this one ends

or even where it begins for that matter... but here's what i've got so far. not sure if it's really worth revising, not sure if it's really worth showing, but maybe the publicity will encourage to morph on its own.

He thought it was smart to drink coffee in new york
That’s why he did it, and he thought she liked him.
He’d ask her for it in code, because he thought she knew
All the names of all the different kinds of foam.

A quick trick of light and the scent of hazelnut
Tipped her off to the stains on his shirt.
The collar met his hair where his hear was too long
And she did what she could to avoid staring.

When he finally met with the coffee counter
He’d forgotten exactly what it was
That he was after in the first place
Until he saw the girl he thought liked him

So he slouched like, he thought, a lion would

[and an everlasting ...]

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