Tuesday, November 29, 2005


my life is not a poetic one
aside from the fact
that i made scrambled eggs for breakfast
and ate alone;
my husband already out the door.
the kitchen is a disaster,
i pushed plates to make room
to crack the eggs and beat them;
had to clear the stove of old pans
and pots
with pasta sauce stuck to the sides
before i could heat a pan enough
to introduce the eggs.
it'll probably be days
before we wash the dishes.


B said...
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B said...

Katy, hi, my user name in The Critical Poet is tootall -- I was in the EE section today and clicked on you link and have spent a good deal of time enjoying your writing and came to this particular gem -- the feelings within it feel like my life right now. I think it's effective and genuine. Enjoyed. Take care. Brian.

p.s. This is a double post -- the first one goofed up some how and did not show...