Tuesday, November 01, 2005


one day late, right?

one trick o' treater last night, a very polite little pumpkin boy with a hankering for lollies. one jack o'lantern with a bat visage. one creepy lovecraft story and one poem:

the pumpkin princess

Pick a pumpkin from the patch little girl
Your pig-tale braids and pink-framed spectacles
Accent the awkward freckle on your button nose
Choose a round one, a big one, a pumpkin that you can’t carry
But try to anyway, get wet dirt on your snow-blue coat
Hold it on your lap for the whole ride home
In your head, name this pumpkin something sweet
Like Christian, Sebastian or Saint Orange of Pumpkin Land
Then protest violently when your dad offers to cut off his head
You can see his face already; you don’t need to carve it in
Watch him carefully to learn if he moves
Be especially aware during the night time
Sneak out of your bed and out of the house, to see him sit on the porch
He is like an angel in the moonlight
You know he’s someone important, a King or a Magician
If only you knew how to make him into a person instead of a pumpkin
So that you could become his fairytale princess

and lots of cup cakes...

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