Thursday, November 03, 2005

robots don't make good valentines

robot: would you be my, what is it called? would you be my...

girl: valentine?

robot: like chocolate, yes, but...

girl: you have to promise not to eat me.

robot: pudding.

girl: pudding?

robot: yes, pudding, my chocolate pudding valentine. i have heart for you.

girl: how romantic. do you mean to say you love me?

robot: i cannot.

girl: even more romantic.

robot: pudding please, i cannont say such a thing. we have only known each other for 84, 230 minutes.

girl: your counting?

robot: this relationship is getting too hot, perhaps we should call it quits.

girl: it's getting too what?

robot: i think we should start seeing other people.

girl: erm, okay.

robot: will you still be my pudding?

girl: ...


B Boutwell said...

___> ...

Crunchy Weta said...

be still will you my pudding

Love crazy erratic robots.
Crazy robots erratic love
crazy erratic robot love
erratic love crazy robot

katy said...

i love it!