Friday, May 20, 2005

Toothbrush Fancy

Polly, do you want this toothbrush?

I don't talk in my sleep anymore.

I still have all the same nightmares...
and dreams...
but I’ve learned to make them quieter.

I have a blue one just like it.

The dentist gave me two, i don't know why,
and I was too afraid to ask.

so, do you? if you don't, i think that's okay.

Just say so.

Of course, you know i didn't mean anything by it,
of course.


Kilgannon said...

I wish my teeth were a lot cleaner, but this keeps me worrying. Which is a good thing, i'll be honest...i get lazy sometimes =\

Off topic, but my blog has dissappeared! Help!

katy said...

mouthwash, the lazy man's best friend

katy said...

oh and... your blog is still there as far as i can see