Saturday, May 21, 2005

First Step's Legend

1. beyond tanked walls;
above the water's surface;
we live where they cannot.

understand the importance of our perspective;
we have this much more
and the ability to take more,
to learn to swim.

do you want to learn how to swim?
i can teach you.
don't be afraid;
i can help you.

we have the gift of technology.
here is a lifejacket for you to wear,
so that you can float above the waves;
above and below the stars in the sea and the sky.

and if you're still scared,
i'll hold you (up) the entire time.
i promise i won't let you down.
i promise i won't let you drown.

2. once your limbs become tools
you don't need the orange vest anymore.
learn to kick and kill and eat with your hands;
learn the ways of the ocean's tide and grow into her ebb and flow.

3. we have conquered the trees, you have conquered the tides
and the fish and the weeds,
but what dwells above us?

have we yet to know?

my son,
now that you have learnt to swim, take it upon your self to grow wings;
learn to be an astronaut and take the first steps.

here is a vest to hold you up;
to help you learn new traits;
your body, to become a new tool.

hold your breath again, like when you learned to swim;
feel the sway and swagger of the waves;
she is a mightier ocean than any, this sky,
and her stars are brighter.

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