Tuesday, May 31, 2005

Ode to Tom Baker's Scarf

dear scarf of tom baker,
you are amazing in all your ridiculousness.
it astounds even the likes of that silly hat romana is wearing!
indeed it does.
love and affection,

ps how offended would you be if i used labor methods to reproduce you once, maybe twice...


Kilgannon said...

What a bloody fantastic Doctor

katy said...

i'm only just falling in love with dr who... and i can't seem to decide between tom baker and jon pertwee because i've seen so few of their adventures yet. ryan's really pushing for sly mccoy because that's his fav from his childhood and all that, hew grew up with mccoy. for me, all other doctors are compared to what eccleston is as the doctor, because he was my very first doctor.
though the costume award goes straight to baker!

Anonymous said...

Yeah! I love that scarf. My friend actually made me a replica (though it's not quite as long).