Sunday, May 29, 2005

the pony tale

first the hair was much in length
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then the girl decided it was time

so she asked her mother to cut if all off

which she did, and it was funny

and in the end, everything was good and happy! (yeah pacman!)


Kilgannon said...

You're a very pretty lady...but people shouldn't cut their hair!! =P I love natural looks, and long hair is superb. *All though i say people shouldn't cut hair, shaving legs and armpits is fine =P*

Kilgannon said...

Sidenote, Miss.Katy, but i seem to have stolen someone from your links! She seems quite delightful though, i'll keep her if you don't mind =P

katy said...

you can keep her, that's what links are for :)

Fizzy good said...

I'd just like to point out, for the record, that you have ridiculously nice hair.

katy said...

why thank you fizzy! perhaps i ought to post more pictures of it, seems to get quite the response

Anonymous said...

Holy crap on a crap cracker!!

Still lookin hot though!

Anonymous said...

K-A to the T-Y!
Your hair cut looks great! Now you can have those little pig tales you wanted! I hope you are doing well.
Love Ya.