Thursday, May 26, 2005

a cartoon epidemic

ryan: tony the tiger died
katy: he's a cartoon
ryan: is that inspirational?
katy: cartoon's can't die
ryan: yes. but his voice was supplied by a man.
katy: oh
ryan: who died just this week.
katy: the man died
katy: that's sad
katy: heeeeee's greeat!
ryan: also
katy: i bet he'd like that
katy: if i said that to him
ryan: the guy who did fred flintstone's voice also died.
katy: well, at his funeral
katy: what?
katy: is there a cartoon epidemic?
ryan: atom ant died too.

yeah, so there is (an epidemic i mean), and this is what ryan tells me to inspire me to write poems...

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