Friday, November 03, 2006

an indefinable moment

in the darkest corner
of the living room

where the goldfish
wakes and forgets us

for all but a feeding
the warm air swells up

with pregnancy and urgency
in every unread book

and i abandoned them
for you and the sunlight

for that stubborn cat
sleeping in the laundry

or the broken down
curtains i have yet to repair

and as i lay in the square
of the orange autumn wealth

the family of geese
on the coast of the bog

keep you awake beside me
and unprotected

from the impatience to move
towards the top button of my blouse


Russell Ragsdale said...

Thanks for taking us into the hush and cacophany of your living room, dear Katy!

jz said...

Really enjoyed your poem...

Anonymous said...

Oooo. That was a beautiful movement all the way to the end...

arch.memory said...

This felt like such a sweet return to your poems of "domestic bliss"!

katy said...

russell dear, i love "the hush and cacophany", what a brilliant and oh so poetic turn of phrase. thank you so much for reading and for enjoying!!

jim, i already said thanks via your own blog (which people *ahem* should go visit), but thanks again!!

mark the poetry man, how are you? i'm so glad you like the poem. am still concidering your special poem (you know, the not elmer fudd one).

ashraf, my dear, thank you. i guess it's the time of year, that sort of sunken in cozy feeling. it seeps into my poetry. oh, and, the bog is flooded and the mood is full and bright. it's like looking out of a dream in my backyard right now!

Bryan Coffelt said...

hi katy,

long time no talk.

i like this poem and it's quiet couplet glory.

katy said...

hey, bryan, how are you? thanks for the comment and for stopping by my corner of the intangible.