Thursday, November 02, 2006

September Cohen

a few things: one, he's one handsome canadian.

i love both the female interviewers in these videos. i don't know if it was the zeitgeist or if it's to do with the superiority of canadian television or if it's a reflection on leonard's character that both the women are asking such motivated and challenging questions. whatever the variable though, the mere fact that they were discussion poetry in a mass-medium is heartwarming for me.

also, part of the reason why i think leonard takes the criticism on Beautiful Losers so lightly is because he knew that they were all short-sighted. the book has seen its second cover design and been translated into several languages--among them chinese. it's an astounding piece of literature, in my opinion, and i recommend everyone read it. as for it being pornographic, yes. no question. but, it's so human in context and so genuinely emotive.

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