Sunday, November 19, 2006

yes, more about max

today he's been eating both his wet food and his dry food (yay). he didn't put up too much resistance to the pill he has to have shoved down his throat once every day. he's been a bit more active today than yesterday still. he's sleeping a bit less and seems more interested in ryan and my activities. right now he is being cute, playing with a little spring i found in the basement.
he's looking a lot less scraggly and scruffy too, which is great. he's such a handsome kitty. no pictures for this post, although i took a couple of cute ones of max and ryan watching an old bond film. i'll post those some other time.
'tis all. he's still doing well, and our spirits are high.

in other news, ryan bought the last three wii-motes from bestbuy today. wii seems more popular than nintendo anticipated? or just the retailers? i'm very much looking forward to fishing in the new zelda and bowling ^_^

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