Friday, November 17, 2006

more on max

so my blog's turned into a journal about max, almost like a "normal" blog. this is partially due to the fact that i haven't been writing very much along the lines of poetry, so i haven't anything to post. i can't force myself to write in extremely emotional movements. i don't write poetry for therapy and i don't write good poetry when i'm sad or upset or anxious. i did write two rather unhappy poems on piloteye a few days ago. and there's still buttons up at the wet. also, for poetry-related reading, c.s. has been revealing the recidivist manifesto over the past few days... part 1, part 2, part 3 & part 4 (with more to come).

nothing as really changed with max over the past few days. yesterday i took him to the vet so they could do some blood work. they're testing him for leukemia again. i'm not sure how much will change for our situation if he does have leukemia, but i know that it will change things; there'll be that one other thing to fix.

he's quiet, tired, a little bit scruffy and he's unfriendly towards anyone but ryan and i. my sister meg was over last night along with her boyo chris and my brother mike to celebrate my birthday. when meg went to pet max he hissed at her and wet upstairs under the bed.

he is going to the bathroom regularly, which is important. he's eating. he even had some of his dry food last night. he is still spitting up a lot though, which is causing him to be dehydrated. yesterday at the vet they had to give him some liquids via injection. he's not drinking water to compensate for the spitting up. i tried to mix some chicken broth to his water, but that didn't seem to interest him one bit. maybe later i'll try beef broth. he's not like a child who we could verbally force to drink anything. max just doesn't want to drink his water, no matter what flavor it is.

so today i am to drop him off at the vet's at noon time, and he's going to get his first dose of chemo. they're going to keep him there fore a few hours to watch for any reactions (positive or negative). and so i guess i'll let you all know later today if he has leukemia or not. other than that, i don't think much is going to change right away.

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