Saturday, July 29, 2006

apple kiss

the wrestle
and me to the ground

when arms
from where shattered glass

for reaching
the right were the wrong

since catching
with new and phrasing

then taking
with care at the rebound

your lips
with dew do search mine out


Crunchy Weta said...

Now where have I seen this phrasing recently?? Rats, so many poetry blogs to keep on top of! Was it at Scott's?

katy said...

not sure exactly sure where it came from to be truthful glenn. part from scott, part from brian b, part from bob h. ... i read a few others today too, could have had something to do with it...

like you said, so many poetry blogs to keep on top of!


Cecilia said...

...and I meant to go to the library over an hour ago but with all the blogs to keep up with....I haven't even started my job hunt for today!!! waaahhh....(well, er, thanks for making me vent). :-)

I thought I saw the shattered glass at Marco's. But let me just say that the growing softness, the fragile tone, and the yearning at the end of this poem is sooooo those trademarks, girl.

katy said...

cecilia, what's a day at the library without a complete breakfast of poetry to start you off?

and thank you for the comment. like i said before, am not sure where the inspiration came from, nor why i chose to format it the way i did... just did i guess.

trademarks ^__^ i guess so

kusrifii - my new fav word verification!!