Friday, July 28, 2006

flee market affair

the mildewed bottoms of folding tables
sagged with humidity and his figure shown
through the t shirt he wore.

i stepped on his toes by accident
on purpose and my sorry was served
with an unmistakable i'm not sorry.

slowly, but without hesitation he moved passed
nodded and smiled and excused himself.
without saying a word; rejected me.

watching the entire episode
from your lent-back flee market chair
and nurturing a smile...

did you just fall in love with me?
a flirt with venom (as if joking)

i think so. want a sno cone?


B Boutwell said...

Yes, I would. Peach flavored.

It's interesting as I picture you and random persons in the flea market here, where I live. It, the flee market, is hot and dusty and really cluttered with junk. The place is weird.

I wander if you stepped on his toes by the indoor Japanesse water fall thingy.

katy said...

can you get peach-flavoured sno cones? man, am i out of the loop when it comes to technology these days; when i was but a wee lass the only flavors they made were red sugar("cherry"), blue sugar("blue raspberry") and green sugar("lime").

B Boutwell said...

You can get all kinds of flavors. I can remember getting Polynesian Pineapple at the old snowcone stand here in town.

katy said...

alright, so maybe the sno cones i've been exposed to have simply been lazy. am coming to georgia for a sno cone.

Crunchy Weta said...

NEED a sno cone more like ! lol Funny how we have these moments with complete strangers. Alternative realities and all that....
ps humourous title too

katy said...

cheers glenn ^__^

Scatterfingers said...

"i stepped on his toes by accident
on purpose and my sorry was served
with an unmistakable i'm not sorry."

I like this especially. Nice work.


Anonymous said...

I also love the title... "flee market" not "flea market". Works for me, especially given the sort of embarassing desire to run away from it...

I added a link to your site from my new one as well... Thanks for your kind words earlier!