Monday, July 10, 2006

the fold

i'm only going half way
on this one
__________bible-belt romance

feed me into your covered-bridge fairy tales
and cracked pavement affairs

show me the patch
of sugar coated grass

your kindergarten sweetheart
in a daisy-white dress

show me your obsession
with astronauts and stars

because where we come from
this isn't how it goes



ozymandiaz said...

Sounds as though some water has passed beneth that covered bridge. If we close one eye there is no depth of field and no need to go deeper. How bitter sweet.

katy said...

wow, ozy, you just tilted this poem into some new plane of meaning for me with your remark about one eye closing.

the bitter sweet aspect, yes, it's there.

it's about going half way, wanting to trust but not being able to.

the idea, then, of shutting one of those senses out (one eye of the two)... i'm curious as to which the character in the poem would choose.

Pat Paulk said...

Love this from the title to the end!! It really is a crap shoot...anymore!

katy said...

hiya pat, thanks for dropping in and commenting. i'm glad you liked the poem.

arch.memory said...

I love it, I love it, I love it!

I love the asymmetry of the break in the first stanza.

I love the use of the command form of the verbs (feed me, show me).

I love the contrasts (bible-belt/romance, cracked pavement/affairs) and their intersperse with the idyllic imagery (covered-bridge fairytales, daisy-white dress).

I love the the simplicity of the obsessions.

And I just love that sense of pathos in the last stanza, and that "anymore" dangling there all by itself.

Love it, love it, love it!

arch.memory said...

PS: I hate dissecting poems I love. I should have just left it at the "Love it, love it, love it!", and screw critique. It just ruins it for me. (Henceforth, when I really love a poem,, I will only leave a short stupid but very heartfelt comment.)

katy said...

i love knowing what you love about it though, dearest.

your comments made me so happy! thank you!

Crunchy Weta said...

Welcome back to the fold.
Anymore gets you right between the ribs.
Trust is perhaps an expectation someone will do what you think.
Cheers Glenn

Yasmin Waring said...

I'm really struck by the way religious discovery/exploration/critique is presented as a courtship

denielle said...

i really like these two most recent poems. i especially love the title of "the pomp," it's perfect!

Cecilia said...

For someone who's supposed to be "blocked" by the summer rays, you've been emitting sunshine by giving us one of your best! I am so loving the sweetness of these yearnings enveloped by the sugar-coated grass, slipped into the daisy white dress....brilliant, Katy!