Wednesday, July 19, 2006


of waiting, wondering
and waking up each morning
to another poet

hoping it's not too late.

i wish today could have been
too late.

call to arms, a poetic stance

my dear friends, unfortunately the people of lebanon continue to suffer under the rain of destruction and violence. therefore, and i am sorry to say, it is not too late to show your support to our dear friend ashraf - whose family are trapped in lebanon still. i would like to thank all of you who have already given your words to the favor of ashraf. we can never have too many poems, too many poets, or too many friends.


ozymandiaz said...

I fear it shall not be too late for some time to come

katy said...

me too ozy. me too.

arch.memory said...

Dear, even when we're not in touch for a day, you can still read my innermost fears...
Today, on the phone, I brought them down. I just couldn't keep my voice up. So I went and got me some good pills. I can't wait for them to start working; I long for the numbness...
To pass the time, Ahmad has been teaching my cousins German. There isn't much else to do. He always asks how I'm doing. I hate that question.
(Why have I been crying whenever I write to you, even a comment? See, that's why I haven't been writing...)

arch.memory said...

PS: Thanks for adding the cedar link to the Lebanese Blogger Forum, my new home these days... It's pretty.

Russell Ragsdale said...

Dear katy, you sound so sad. It breaks my heart. Distant consolation comes when the future creates the past.