Thursday, January 26, 2006

to do list

update: write draft of personal statement for grad application
how much had i been complaining about that to you, arch? hmmn?
*big smile*

make dentist appointment
call insurance company about car
wait for insurance company to call me back
make sure wibble doesn't die
put together drafts for po'et'ship
email about marie howe not being a listed poet on their site
bills, rent
email professor welburn
write draft of personal statement for grad application
make edits to "graces"

all in all not a bad day, espcially considering it's not even 3 yet.


katy said...

i've been weening myself off them actually. this one i wrote in retrospect just to make myself feel that warm sensation of accomplishment and the thrill of striking almost everything out, it feels good.

arch.memory said...

Wow! I'm impressed! You seem to have inspired me:
I did groceries,
folded the laundry,
did the dishes,
took out the garbage,
and I was doing the bills (well, before I got distracted... can't help it!)
So, did you really finish that statment?

katy said...

i really finished a first (very rough) draft.