Sunday, January 15, 2006

the hotel science series

hotel science I

this morning we tested how many sips
it takes a girl
to drink a large mug of tea
with milk and too much sugar

the results have revealed
that the answer is fibonacci*.

hotel science II

the rate at which the volume of a lobby increases
is directly related to the number of guests
and indirectly related to the age of the guests.

we exclude the occasional pool party
from our findings.

hotel science III

the accidental spillage of milk and cheerios
is followed by crying 47.923% of the time.

hotel science IV

today we concluded that 6 out of every 7 adults
upon passing the front desk
will have something to say about the weather.

hotel science V

it takes exactly 138 seconds
for halogen lights above a pool
to reach full brightness.

* all you need to know about fibonacci can be found here.


it's 8:32am, i'm at work. can you tell i'm bored?


B said...

HAHAHA Katy, even after clicking on the fibonacci link I've still no clue. I suck at math and that is definately over my head.

These poems are Super Cool. Even though I don't understand the fibonacci concept. #4 and #5 are the best, to me. Now, #3, the choice of the word "cascade" doen't work for me.
That is the only one that lacks impact.

Oh, I want more. Is 5 all you got in you? ;)

You ever read Mike Topp? If not here's an address, pardon my tech skill, I don't know the code for hyperlink.

katy said...

cross your fingers that i'm just as bored tomorrow and there'll be another 5 for you.

agreed, cascade isn't right for this piece, i'll ammend this in the near future.

have not read this mike topp fella, will do so soon though.

thank you so much for the comments!

fibonacci is a numerical sequence that goes: 0,1,1,2,3,5,8,13,etc. (add the last two numbers to get the next, repeat until implosion occurs.)

B said...

(...repeat until implosion occurs.)

HAHA sounds like the title to a fibonacci poem, or hell, just use your explanation as a poem.

Regarding your explanation(and the suggestion to read Mike Topp): at that moment Brian was enlightened.

katy said...

fixed the cascading to spillage and am now going to go read some mike topp something.

a side note: these word verification things are getting more difficult with time.... today's word "wvwwrd" now imagine that in squiggly blue...

arch.memory said...

As I said, NERRRRRD! (Note the 5 Rs.)

Wish every nerd was as cool!

katy said...

what's nerdy about fibonacci?