Tuesday, January 31, 2006

nice to meet you

with your back to the entrance
you didn't see me climb
into the booth behind you.
i slipped my tongue in your ear
and you turned, frightened.
though it took you a moment
you recognized me and we smiled;
you at me and i wanted to laugh
at the trick i played on your ear.
you stuck your finger in it
to get the wet out. you ruined it.
i wanted to do it again, to show you,
to teach you not to tamper.
but the waitress at the diner
interrupted us and asked me
if i wanted a menu and a drink.


B Boutwell said...

Typo patrol: Asked

I'm not lavishing you with praise on this one. ;)

I'll just say, another addition to the good list. It's great.

It's that touch I'm telling you about...



katy said...

refresh. i fixed it before you sent the comment so :P

katy said...

hgqras blue squiggley.

B Boutwell said...


katy said...


katy said...

robos, i don't know what any of that means. except Tattoo i guess. i know what that words means.