Friday, January 27, 2006

noah eli gordon

noah is the man responsible for un-defining poetry for me. my first poetry class at umass was taught by noah, then a graduate ta. the class was called "experimental poetry" and wouldn't you know, i ended up there by accident! (right room, wrong day.)
it's noah's fault that i love bernadette mayer and that i have no idea how to even begin to go about trying to define poetry.
i was looking for some matthew rohrer poems online to show brian when i stumbled onto the site (as linked by rohrer's name) and saw noah's name on the list to the left.

so i thought i'd introduce everyone to him.

everyone, this is noah.
noah, this is everyone.

noah has lots of tattoos.


B Boutwell said...

Hi, Noah, I'm Brian.

Enjoyed the links.

Here's a very Mike Topp poem idea.

We should start saving all the word verification from now on.

Get up a few dozen of them, or less.

Title the poem: Word Verification
or something better. It's probably a horrible idea-- :)

Word Verification



katy said...

i think about doing that every time i get a blue squiggley one... they stump me.

ixruax (blue, but not squiggley)

katy said...

second favorite rohrer poem.

llaohmxr (reads ya-o-mixer; best when taken in accordence to the rules of a home made beer-jenga set)

NEG said...

hey! nice to know yr still writing!

katy said...

hey! what a lovely surprise, noah. thank you for gracing the comments section of my little blog. been reading your e-book, and am loving it.

of course i'm still writing!

erm, and i hope you don't mind that i blame you for all that un-defining poetry stuff.