Sunday, March 01, 2009

the ekphrasis project

Give Me a Title, I'll Give You a Poem was a successful little project resulting in 27 original poems. each poem was written for the person who provided the title, and with the title the dedicated donated, naturally.

this is the squeal. give me i'll give you round 2

and here's how it's different: ekphrasis.

ekphrasis has many applications in the arts, and you can spend lots of time with wikipedia trudging through un-sited greekology. basically though, it's when one artists (be it writer, sculptor, singer, poet, bard, watercolorist, photographter, etc) attempts to capture the spirit of a piece of art from a medium other than their own in an original piece (in their own medium).

here's an example of some ekphrasis i've done

i love inspiration, so here's where you fit into the ekphrasis project: link me to a drawing or photograph online and i will write a poem to go with the visual.

if the picture or drawing has a title, i will use that first. if there's no title, you may create one, just like last time.

i will probably do one poem a day (not as swift a turn over as last time), but send me your images as soon as you can/want.

ekphras away!

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