Tuesday, September 05, 2006

your SomethingKaty update

thank you michelle!
for wishing me a happy first day of school

today was my first day as a teaching assistant & grad student at Umass Dartmouth. to clarify: teaching assistant doesn't mean i'm assisting a professor. it just so happens that the terms apply to graduate students who teach. in my case, and that of my peers, i am teaching a course all on my own.

this is daunting. however, i think i planned well enough and had a mostly successful first class. alls i can hope now is that i get better as the material and course work get denser. oh yeah, and the jitters... i'm sure they'll fade.

not only did i teach though, i also got to play student for a few hours in my first class as a graduate student (woooahwhoo!). dr sun seems like a lovely lady and a fountain of knowledge and experience, so my teaching-practicum course will, without a doubt, be a valuable and worthwhile endeavor.

for tonight though, kiddies, more wrestling, and some spicy beastie boys a'la the beatles tracks care of teh internet. there mightn't be as many poems posted the next few... months? lets' just say weeks. at least until i get my footing and begin to manage my time effectively enough to secure some something time.

until then though, cherubs, be good and don't be strangers.


Yasmin Waring said...

That's right.

You're first day of school...

Ciao Professore! I know you'll be "magnifico"!

Crunchy Weta said...

Welcome to the world of teaching :-)

Mike said...

Congratulations on your new teaching/studying job! :) What field are you pursuing?

katy said...

thank you all ^__^

mike, i am in Umass Dartmouth's "Professional Writing Program" and am teaching a course called "business communications" via the English department here at UMD.

arch.memory said...

Katyssima! Best of luck, dear. I'm sure you'll be an excellent student, and even better teacher! (Those students of yours are lucky; hope they appreciate what they have...)

PS: I forgot to answer this by e-mail; "Katyssima" would mean "very Katy"!

Mike said...

That's great! Teaching is a great experience. And I think you'll be great at Prof. Writing. Best of luck!

Danielle said...

Dearest Katherine,

I miss you terribly. Please do not break my heart and deny that you too are feeling some small amount of regret at our separation. I hope you will make haste in your promise to visit. Until then, take comfort in my love for you, and remember fondly of the memories we've shared.

Oh, and don't let those kiddies F**K with you too much.

Undeniably yours,
Daniella Bella

Russell Ragsdale said...

Congrats Dear Katy and welcome to the strange energy making place in front of all the seats!

Bebe said...

katy darling

teaching is fun and exhausting. i hope you find it rewarding. bonne chance, ma puce.


Girlcreeture said...

From an unedumuhcated cretin, "You're wicked smaht" isn't necessarily a complement... more like pointing out the obvious.

Buuuut the simplicity and redundance of such a phrase only strengthen what I feel to be equally true: you'll be great.

Having been so long entrenched in the pursuit of plain old job security and the banalities of paying da billz, I am jealous of such a cool, new life experience.

Take many pics of class for me, both in word and pictorial form if ya can ;p