Thursday, September 28, 2006

the monarch of fall

the monarch flew over the un-arched highway exit
where we escaped the streak on the horizon—

the stain of yellow headlights
echoing the sliver of orange moon
like the tone deaf tenor
of a church choirs.

and by day,

a flock of wild turkeys
pluck crumbs from the highway grass
in the shade of a broken-down utility van.

and by night,

you held my hand as we walked the length
of Thurlby street sharing stories—
you began with "when i was little"
and "before i met you"

filling in those missing moments—
i held my breath
and watched as dry leaves fell
from elder oak and foreign maple.


terrymcdermott said...

I love this time of the year.

arch.memory said...

Ah yes! I missed a longer Katy poem, almost elusive in its simplicity, but nearly bendable at those lovely short single lines. All by themselves. Yes, that's the fall...

Crunchy Weta said...

Seems like as summer departs you are getting your eye back in. Love the"little observations"

ozymandiaz said...

this one also brought a smile to me. i love sentimental pieces that are not melodramatic

denielle said...

this is so beautiful. i especially love the last stanza. nothing better than going for a walk in the fall, except going for a walk in the fall and "filling in those missing moments"

Anonymous said...

You've captured one of lifes beautiful moments and preserved it forever. Very touching.

Anonymous said...