Friday, September 22, 2006

holy communion

two fit backs to the wall;
we were hidden from the crowd
by an innocent piano.

we kissed and groped—awkward
_____unusual and petrified——
searching for the source to
_____this new collection of feelings,
but afraid of finding it here.

an affair that only weighed
us down for fifteen seconds
will take as many lives to forget:

getting caught by your mother,
kissing for the first time
on your holy communion day.


arch.memory said...

I love it, too! And you have every reason to. It captures the thrill of that first trespass so aptly! That's why I loved "Naked" so much. And I think it's perfectly ok that we love our poems; if we don't, how could they stand a chance of being loved by others?

Anonymous said... for VD
I was, until an hour ago, linked on Stiletto Tongue's site. I do not keep a searchable archives. I only allow two posts at a time to be viewable. I post each day. Everything there can be found elsewhere within my blog circle of co-writers.

Where I come from, First Holy Communion takes place when you are 6 years old. You Yankees learn early.

katy said...

thank you dearest. i'm glad i'm not the only one who loves it ^__^

i am not very religious in that i don't got to church, never went to bible school or had a communion or any of that stuff... but i was under the impression that first communion was around 10 years old. anyway though, they were young and being naughty ^__^

Russell Ragsdale said...

There is something so vivid about that age and those experiences. You make this a link to our own pasts and it is so stong an experience as to be really startling when it opens up for us. Beautiful, dear Katy!

Anonymous said...

With just a few words, you've captured the hot faces and clammy hands of that first kiss...