Saturday, September 02, 2006

mr kennedy's belt and why i like wrestling

okay, so i can't actually explain what it is that draws me into the wwe scene; all the highly-unbelievable testosterone-driven antics and unnecessary violence; all the silly costumes and ridiculous claims; all the nonsense and worm-eating; all the red carpets and trash talking. nor can i explain what it is that keeps me there, butt situated on the sofa for the duration and enthralled. but i do. like wwe that is. a lot. too much?

ryan and i have tickets to smackdown and ecw for the 12th of this month (which we got in the mail today, and i immediately put on the fridge for the world to see). i am even more excited to see a live show now that i'm going to get to see mr kennedy the champ!!

Mr. Kennedy - U.S. Champion
he won the belt in a triple threat match: sat there watching, i was sure he wouldn't win it despite my desire to see him win every single match he enters into (in this case specifically, on account of the belt being on the line as well as the fact that he's the one that prompted the match in the first place (according to the story line)).

ryan and i, watching in tense anticipation while the ref started counting the pinfall with kennedy nowhere in sight, leapt off the sofa in delight as kennedy took advantage of the situation and rolled away with the belt by pinning the guy that was pinning the other guy (caught me and both the guys he was wrestling off guard). it was the most exciting moment in wrestling for me since we started watching it in april.

i hope that the live show is equally as exciting and fabulous. i hope too, that kennedy keeps the belt for a while, because i think he's my new favorite ^__^


B Boutwell said...

You should be Mr. Kennedy's match journalist. ;)

I never got into wrestling. I like boxing though.

I'm sure you'll immensely enjoy the live show. I'll be waiting for the write up....

katy said...

"he pinned the guy that was pinning the other guy" not exactly journalistic writing ^__^

am wicked excited fool!

terrymcdermott said...

I am happy to see someone like myself who is a poet and wrestling fan.