Wednesday, June 07, 2006

the sleeping woman

the sleeping woman I

the humble din of bedside glamour
never reaching its epoch

finer trophies struggle
past her sleeping form

while she, modern in her position
sleeps soundly

dreaming their nightmares
for them

the sleeping woman: by miss sam duffy of hull, uk

the sleeping woman II

he sits, waiting and watching
her figure rise and fall;
her left nipple sailing on each breath
like a buoy
over vast oceans of supple flesh.

collected at the knee
he admires the form she keeps;
modern and rigorous.
each crevasse a cavern
embodied by lust and by need.

his need. he can't remember
her name or which hotel
they'd stumbled into.

the only memory he retained
was that of an animal
knowing her and remembering how,
but his mind foregoes the why;
and listens intently
to the air as it parts her pursed lips.

the sleeping woman III

stranger creatures have been taken
to the reaches of stranger worlds;

to brink on ages and grape’d
by seductions of stranger intention.

but a stranger he, until last night;
the man that took her all.


Crunchy Weta said...

Hi Katy, Would you mind explaining to me this "modern form " women thing? Would appreciate it. Cheers


katy said...

on the one hand glenn, explaining it would take away some of the mystery that the drawing portrays itself. on the other hand, i don't know. it’s all interpretation on my part as much as yours. i was inspired by the drawing and just let the words flow.

alls i can tell you is what i think, what i intended the words to allude to...

and skipping to the part you mentioned...

finer trophies (men)
struggle (or limp, walk, don't want to leave her, they struggle to get out of bed from physical exhaustion and the gravity of affection)past her sleeping form

while she, modern in her position (she is a modern woman, proud, strong, sleeps naked, dominant over others; nothing can touch her)

hope that clears some of it up for you dear ^_^ if not, then i'll try again later.

yexchacd (this is starting again i can sense the second coming)

Crunchy Weta said...

Ahh Ok was really just the modern woman bit I was wondering about... sounds like 99% of New Zealand women-although in all honesty I cant vouch for their state of dress upon retirement.


denielle said...

love heaped on love. this is so lovely.

katy said...

denielle, thank you ^_^

silvermoon, the drawing is not my own, it is by Miss Sam Duffy - if you click on the drawing it will take you to her site.
thank you for the kind words, i'm so glad you came to visit and am please that you liked with you found!

hardyf said...

this series is fab, katy. keep coming back to it. even the line breaks and stanzas are the perfect length of a laying body. and the accompanying visuals take it to the nxt level.

Erin said...

her left nipple sailing on each breath
like a buoy
over vast oceans of supple flesh.

Beautiful imagery... love the idea of a modern woman's pose (I didn't read your comments about that, so the idea in my head may or may not match yours)

Looking forward to more of your stuff, glad to have found you - another favor Billy did for me!

Anonymous said...

Hi Katy, Very nice writing...all three of them! No doubt, everyone looking at the artwork will have their own interpretation. Yours says a lot about you. A+

Yasmin Waring said...

how did i miss this Katy darling.

i love every line of Sleeping Woman I. the modern woman who dreams the nightmares of her trophy

...and her buoying beautiful katy...really the image is breathtaking...

and your 3 different perspectives. well done!

katy said...

hardy, erin, shirley, yasmin; thank you all so much for digging into the poem. miss sam duffy's drawing left me feeling truly inspired. i'm so pleased that all my ideas translated.

am glowing with praise!

billy, thank you for including this short series in the first ringing of the bards ^_^

rch said...

Hello katy, really great imagery here as has been stated, and I love the 3 different parts. Outstanding choice for the carnival! Take care,