Wednesday, May 03, 2006

free write poetry dribble

it's not as though the poems i post on here are ever final drafts, but they usually have some level of consideration inserted. i usually read them over a few times, at least spell check them, before putting them up. today, though, i am letting it all hang out... this is a free write, i will not go back and edit anything that comes flowing from my finger tips onto the keys. i may, yet, spell check. am not expecting anything to come of this, just usuing my blogs as a platform for the written equivalent of thinking-out-loud. enjoy!

numbered sixteen times the tape dispenser
my round about, i love you, so i kiss you
in strange places
the side of your torso or below you ear, above the neck
no specificity, erogenous random generator.
numbered twenty seven or my left hand wears
a titanium wedding band with three shiny rocks embedded
the blue stripe the blue stripe loves you for it.
the match strikes a pink flame, the kind of rain
that glistens on strands of dry hair
light and hardly wet enough to satiate the desert tongue.

rodent bath houses men on the left womenontheright
for the silver draft title waving pigeon races
we pack peanut butter and jelly sandwiches
with organic this and natural ingredients that
the bread is wheaty and my dad butters it with sugar
before applying the force of knife powered by wrist
at the edge of the counter top, foaming with trust.

these are the thoughts that stick like gum
to the back seat of my mind, the tree outside ford theatre
i don't even know if it's called that.

there you have it kiddies. i didn't even adjust the line breaks (i want to, but i won't). and yeah, i did spell check (i apparently, had no idea how to spell erogenous, until now).


arch.memory said...

Katy, I don't get it, frankly... This is almost slammy! What have you been reading, dear? :P (Though I do love "these are the thoughts that stick like gum / to the back seat of my mind".) I can still hear your familiar voice in it, but it is modulated. I wonder, if you were to revise it now, how it would sound...

katy said...

maybe i will morphiditilate it... play with it a bit...

it is a bit slammy, ick. am so sorry for that. but it was just a free-for-all free write, which was fun to do, but didn't have very spectacular results.

thank you for commenting on it dear!


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