Monday, May 29, 2006

ねこ の はい(な) く


[neko no hai(na)ku]

wa chisai
to kawaii desu]


katy said...

which means:

the small
and cute is"

that's pretty much all the japanese i remember after a hardcore year of memorizing flashcards and talking about the weather with che-sensai. that and, kuruma is japanese for car. oh and taberu is "to eat", tabemashou! is "let's eat" and wakarimasen is "i don't know/i don't understand"

i guess that's really enough for me to get by, tell people "let's eat" and respond to everything they say "wakarimasen" ^_^

we can go by karuma.

Crunchy Weta said...

meow is kitty for lets eat. :-) Say hi to cute kitty.

Anonymous said...

I'm so proud of myself! I was able to understand this based off my current Japanese language abilities. Though I question your "raw" translation of this. How is it that you translated this?

katy said...

t.j. the meaningful translation is "kitty is small and cute" but that didn't fit into the hai(na)ku format, so i translated it more literally.

desu= it is (it refering back to the subject)
the subject is neko
wa (the article written with the "ha" symbol) is a pointing article, therefore, the noun that preceeds the wa article is the subject (kitty)
hence, "neko wa" = "kitty the"

ta da!

katy said...

and, well done on understanding it!

Anonymous said...

ah, I'm not familiar with the "hai(na)ku" format, and don't even know what it is or means. But sounds like you formed your poem to its requirements.

Anonymous said...