Thursday, May 18, 2006

and here i was expecting another rejection

Hi Katy,

Your poem "the act of being fruit" is being published in the May/June 2006 issue. Please send a short biography to go along with your poem. Thanks.

Saty Patrabansh

note: saty is from 'a.pos.tro.phe
note: katy is from a happy place


B Boutwell said...

Was that one in thet list I sent you?

katy said...

yes it is, thank you very much for list by the way! did i ever thank you for it? if not thank you brian!!

rch said...

Congrats, you deserve it! 8^D


B Boutwell said...

Yes, congratulations, Katy. Hopefully not the only one, either, you still have a few left to hear back from. :)

Anonymous said...

You never know which poems they will accept. I think its dependent on many factors whether it gets accepted or not. It's great this one did get accepted! I have never submitted mine to anyone yet, other then a few workshops and the local newspaper, but that is so far. Good Job!

Crunchy Weta said...

Congrats! lol my word verificsation begins with vip! BTW you wouldnt have a myspace page perchance?

arch.memory said...

Yippi yippi ya ya! So happy for ya! (LOL!) Congrats, dear; hope you always are in a happy place. (Looks like this is your happy week :)

katy said...

bob, thank you!!

t.j. the marathon (short of a marathon i guess) of sumissions was my first attempt at submitting work online. it's fun. the rejection letters are heartwarming and pleasant. you should try it.

weta, no my space for this girl. am actually anti-my space. i think it makes people say things in writing that they would normally never ever admit to and causes clever people to be unclever. this is a generalization of course and for those of you who my space responsibly, sorry.

arch my dearest, i completely forgot to submit our co-submission. i will put it together tonight and get it sent asap. sorry about that! have been all over the place lately!

Bryan Coffelt said...

congrats on the acceptance at umass
and on the poem!