Sunday, March 17, 2013

terrarium terror - the first real learning experience

i went to go take lots of pretty pictures of my pretty terrariums.  it's not very bright in here, so i used flash with my lovely camera.  alas, it's a good thing i did because this is what i saw...
i got the creepy crawlies instantly.
so i looked online and suspect that these little lovelies are called springtails.  several websites suggested that these come from too much humidity.  so I've put the plants in front of the dehumidifier downstairs, but i suspect i am going to have to remake my terrariums.  the soil i used had been in a big bag in our basement - not the driest space ever.
on the shopping list: new soil, new plants.  on the to-do list: clean everything and dry everything out before replanting new terrariums.  but i will see if dehydration works first.
less bugs in the house would be good.  there are already enough as it is.

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