Friday, December 21, 2007

ahoy canadia

hello blog, how are you?

i'm stuck in canada. yep.

it snowed in boston last night, so our little 13-row plane was three hours delayed. we missed our connecting flight from halifax to heathrow. so we're at this nice hotel with all the other people that got stuck here with us.

i was sort of grumpy last night about it. but we've had a nice sleep and a nice breakfast (i had these pancakes that tasted like they were made with actual cake batter--pretty good i'd say) with real canadia maple syrup. yums.

so we are on our way to england to spend the holiday with ryan's family. it's just taking us a little longer. we're going to skip out on the man u match we were meant to go to in order to spend more quality time with the people we don't get to see very often. i was excited about the match, but it will be more rewarding and more relaxing to just hang out with friends and family.

i think next time we fly to england we'll go in the summer for two or three weeks instead of just a short one-week trip during the busy christmas traveling season and snow storm season.

well, someone else wants to use the hotel computer, and ryan and i are probably going to go to the aviation museum to see the airplanes or something canadian... other than hanging out at the airport for 10 hours.


happy crimbo all. will update and maybe include pictures when we get back. if you read this kittens, i love you all.


Ishvara said...

Your work is great, I added you to my blogroll if you don't mind. Fantastic.

Anonymous said...

Hi Katy,

I hope you had a great time in the UK. I will call you and speak with you soon.

Love ?