Saturday, February 17, 2007

jack & rowdy

ryan and i went to a place just over the bridge (otherside of the cape cod canal) to look at some kitties. we'd both been feeling the want and need for a new friend, especially after losing maxerodenfoe (who we have back now, in his little cedar box, he had some orange bones). so we go to this place, a no-kill shelter (which means they never kill a cat because of an illness) and filled out an adoption application. these papers usually take 3-4 days to process--the idea is to make sure that the people adopting won't let the cats outside or have them de-clawed or do anything mean to them.

we thought we'd just go look at a few, see what they had for little kitties. we didn't have anything in mind really.

we saw one little guy in particular that we liked, but he needs a friend because he gets scared when he's left alone. there were two other kitties we liked, so we opted for two--whichever would be a better match for the little fella we liked most.

we left, went to subway for some lunch and got a call from the lady at the shelter about 20 minutes after we'd left to say that we'd been approved and that this one particular kitty with a sensitive eye (who we liked a lot) would make a good partner for the previously mentioned little guy.

we went home and got the house kitty-ready (food out, litter boxes filled, etc), picked up the carrier and made sure it was alright with ryan's parents that we get two kittens instead of the planned one and off we went back to the shelter.

the lady said that she knew from the moment we walked in that we'd be good for any of the cats and that she'd called her supervisor and told her that she didn't want to lose us and wanted us to have these two kitties (we'd told her all about max and his struggle, so she knew we'd do anything for our pets, and i think that was the most important attribute in a pet owner as far as this shelter was concerned). they were really nice people who really care about putting these saved cats in good homes where they will be safe and happy.

and so... i introduce to you jack and rowdy:

jack on the stairsjack (7mnths), with squidgy right eye (he needs medicine for it when it gets inflamed) and loves to be picked up and cuddledjack on the ledge

rowdy playing with the green mouse

and rowdy (5mnths), a little pudgy and a lot rowdy; doesn't like to be left alone and doesn't like to be carried around or held too much
rowdy exploring the bathroom

we've been having a good time getting to know them. they make me think of max a lot... they're both mostly orange... completely unplanned, but it's hard not to be reminded of max when i see them. they're so different and lovable. it's a happy place here again. oh, and i have three catfish too, who seem to be doing alright ^_^


Anonymous said...

Good for you, Max would be proud.

arch.memory said...

Ooh, they're so cute! And Rowdy looks so much like Max... :)

Danielle said...

Oh! I can't wait to mee them. Nice name, Jack. Is he named after any captains or just because? Hopefully talk to you soon!

Kate said...

Pets named Jack are always the best. The kitties are lovely, and I look forward to seeing them and you soon!

Kate, Jack, and Angus

Russell Ragsdale said...

Charley asked if they knew Russian (Charley is my tuxedoed cat)? He's a real gentleman and understands a little English too. I wish you much joy with these two, dearest Katy!

Crunchy Weta said...

So sad about Max. Looks like you're in for twice the fun now though.