Saturday, December 03, 2005

world record

is there a world record
for number of world records
held by an individual?


Billy Jones said...

I donno, but I'd like to.

Vickie said...

I found this...

To date, The Sand Sculpture Company sculptors have set a total of six world records dating back to 1989; a record that no other sandy crew can lay claim to.

and this

The Record for the Most Guinness Book of World Records

The Guinness Book of World Records is all about one-upping the next guy, so the best record of them all must be holding the most records in the Guinness Book of World Records. That honor belongs to Queens resident Ashrita Furman.
Furman, who's appeared widely on TV and in the recent Smithsonian issue, has set records for pogo sticking, pushing an orange by nose, balancing milk bottles, somersaulting, hopscotch, sack racing, stilt walking...the list goes on. He has set over 90 records and currently holds 27. The will power and endurance to perform like he has for over 25 years is pretty mind-blowing.

A follower of Indian guru Sri Chinmoy, Furman manages one of the guru's health food stores in Briarwood/Jamaica Hills, an area where many Chinmoy followers live in homes painted light blue.

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