Tuesday, December 06, 2005

always a poet

he is always a poet;
my gentle man—

my R
_____my A
__________my W

one in three deceiving faces
hidden beneath words like a bed spread.

will you seduce me tonight?

i wrote it on a batman napkin
left over from a little boy's birthday party.

do I wait for a reply,
or will you surprise me?
bring me a white petal.ed rose
and wear that scarf i bought last winter?

he is always a poet;
take a seat beside me, will you whisper?
tell me true stories of women and men?

a warm palm against my cold cheek;
the battle between man and wind;
the prize is a tribute, a front row seat,
or an autumn of burning trees
and real mud.

he is always a poet
he comes to me like a moth,
too long at the flame;
in my arms burned, crisp with no voice
left to beat his wings.

my men of song;
always, they are poets
at the podium in front of a woman
and wavering, these gentle men,
these paper dolls with no clothes on.

thank you dear arch.memory for your recommendation for this title. you're right.


Smerdyakov said...

But you don't want the white rose. And it's not so much the scarf either. You just want him to demonstrate that he values what you have to offer and that the capricious moments mean just as much to him as they do you.

Blue Athena said...

I like this. :)

Paperdoll? Hmmm.

katy said...

hi blue athena,
thank you! i'm glad you like it. paperdoll is your reccomendation for a title? you know, i concidered it. still not sold on any thing in particular yet though... i'll keep you updated of course :)

i think something paperdoll or paperdoll something...

katy said...

or do you mean paper dolls should be paperdolls?

Vickie said...

I enjoyed this. Thanks for visiting my site and leaving such wonderful comments. I had to repay the favor. I will be back.

Mr. Matos said...

Holy shit! That was dope!

I love you!