Tuesday, August 29, 2023


to tell us we have the same hazel eyes as each other should have evaporated after landing.

but your benign comment,
though gentle to the ear, pierced
my consciousness.

already, I have been feeling
only half myself
since I met him.

feeling, since then,
that I have gone a lifetime
with only half of everything.

only half of the joy
and half of the pain of being
separated from someone else -

even when I know
we'll reform, back together
as soon as the day ends.

before, I thought I felt
normal and whole, but
the illusion has melted

like microwaved honey,
it pours out all over
the place while still sticking to me.

your comment about
our same hazel eyes
is the sticky part.

everything else about us
is different, a bit askew.
slightly different form each other.

although some would say
complimentary. they would say
we are like coffee and chocolate -

both bitter but in their own
unique and pleasant ways
and when paired together

they form a satisfaction
that nothing else can match.

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