Thursday, February 04, 2021

something I do

Someone told me to write
My too-big-feeling feelings down

On small bits of paper
And burn them or throw them away

As a way to see the big feeling, name it
Then let it go, let it evaporate.

Someone told me this is what she does.

I didn't want to burn my feelings
So what if I wrote them down

Or origami paper
And turned them into cranes?

I walked to the store from my office
To get popcorn kernels for my husband.

There's a particular kind he says 
Pop bigger and they weren't there

When he went last. 

On my way back to my office
I remembered the art store.

Walked in and bought
Two packs of origami paper

One with designs visible
And one just white.

The white ones are for painting
With water colors before folding

And I thought I wouldn't end up
Using the white ones at all.

So I fold a couple birds a week
All colorful and filled with worries.

This is something I do now.

Tonight someone passed away
And I found an important use

For the blank white paper.
A white crane sits on the dining room table.

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