Friday, July 26, 2019

robots writing poetry

looking for inspiration, I asked the internet
and found a "random poem generator"

that wasn't random at all, but a series of pages
filled with empty fields for me to fill in...

suggest a noun. 
the website suggests something like "sea" or "book"

because that's what all poems are actually about.
they're never about loose pamphlets the wind blew onto the floor

that were then trampled over by some unaware, sandal-wearing
dad with two pairs of prescription glasses hanging

from his $60 v-neck t-shirt with a tiny hole in the chest
from where the cat used him as a parkour platform

to better catch a month after he'd only had the shirt
two days.

give a hint.
so that the robots can better identify your noun

when looking it up online. because the robots
also don't know anything really, it's all stored away

and like us they have to retrieve it from somewhere
just like we do with our phones while we're sat

around a summer camp fire trying to remember
the name of the women who played the villain

in the latest power rangers movie.
Elizabeth Banks.

i got board and decided to write my own poem instead.
how could none of us remember Elizabeth Banks?

American. National. Treasure.
Elizabeth. "That is Mahogany!" Banks.

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